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Friday, October 2, 2009

Porter's Salve

My number one most important thing EVER to have in the medicine chest is Porter's salve!

It's been around for just about forever... My grandma used it as a kid and now generations later I use it on my kids. It smells strongly of camphor but it works better than anything else in the world that I have tried.

Firstly it doesn't allow the wound to get infected and fights the infection off if it's already infected. It draws so it can be used on splinters. It pulls out the PAIN starting immediately on application! It is BETTER than Neosporin at reducing scarring!! In fact, it works so much better than Neosporin, it makes Neosporin look like plain Vaseline in comparison.

When I was a kid, about 11, I was running with the wheelbarrow and I lifted the handles too high... The front piece that goes in front of the wheel caught on a rock and it flipped, me too. I landed on my knees on the underside of it and one of those giant bolts that holds the legs on punctured my shin. It just cut through a perfect circle like a paper punch and pushed that circle of skin in about 1/4 inch. Into my shin bone. Mom packed it with Porter's Salve and put a band-aid on it. The Salve made it start feeling better almost instantly and within an hour I felt no more pain at all. We just kept it packed with salve, with a bandage, until it healed.

Another time, I was in the barn and the door to the milk room was stuck. When I yanked on it to unstick it, it suddenly came loose and swung into me. A rusty nasty old nail stabbed me right in the knee. Went inside and Mom helped me pour Peroxide on it and then put a band aid with Porter's Salve on it and then I went back to the barn to milk the goats. I don't even have a scar left from that one anymore!
My dad cut his finger half off once. Actually I think it was his thumb. He was using an electric saw of some sort. Not sure if it was the table saw or the little one... but somehow he sliced his thumb but good. Right into the side of the bone. Well he didn't want to go to the doctor so Mom put salve all over the wound and bandaged it up tight with a popsicle stick to keep the fragile bone secure. He has full use of that finger today and you can barely see the scar. Not saying I advocate not going to the ER when you chop your finger half off... Yikes! I'd have at least let a doc stitch me up first. But my parents were very very poor and did not have any sort of insurance or government help so a trip to the ER would have cost them the house so that's why they didn't go I guess.
When I was a teenager, 16, I was playing freeze tag in the Church downstairs with the youth group and tripped over my own feet or some imaginary rough spot in the air (yes I am that clumsy, and it's getting worse! Lol!) and fell into the window. My top half went through the window but I had caught myself on the side of the window and shoved enough to push myself back into the room where I fell into the shattered glass on the floor, unconcious. I had sliced my knee open about 2 inches long side-to-side, deep to the bone, and a big flap of flesh on my wrist was just flopping there. If I had not had my watch on, the piece of glass that sliced that flap could have done some lethal damage. I was taken to the ER and had more than 18 stitches total. I declined to have a tetanus shot. I was on some serious pain meds for the damage and kept my stitches bandaged with Porter's Salve on them 24-7. Today you would probably not notice the knee scar if my knee is bent, and nobody even notices the wrist one unless I point it out. Needless to say nothing got infected.
My sweet calico cat got attacked by some sort of predatory bird once. We found her hiding in a ditch covered in mud and unable to walk. Both her front legs were broken, snapped clear in half, at the top near her shoulders. She had 3 very deep HUGE talon holes, on in the back of her head and 2 more in her shoulders. Our best guess was an Eagle or Owl had gotten her and carried her off and she, being the brave little kitty-girl she was, would have curled her back legs up and fought for her life. And when it dropped her mid-flight, from however high it was up there, she would have landed on her front legs, snapping them both in half. Then she dragged herself to the ditch than ran the length of the property and dragged herself through the mud with her hind legs until she came to the house where my mom found her. We found out that cats don't like ACE bandages so we just had to let her heal without any support. We packed the talon holes with salve though. Her broken legs healed overlapping and she had a very short front half for the last 5 years of her life. She looked like she had her behind up the air all the time! Lol! But the talon holes... well they never got infected and healed so well you couldn't find the scars if you tried.
I used Porter's salve on my daughter's belly where the cord fell off leaving a sore-looking open hole. My husband has used it on wounds he got from sliding playing softball. I've used it on hemmorrhoids and where I tore giving birth. (Sorry, TMI! LOL!)
Last month my husband had a minor surgery to remove a cyst from his back. We kept Porter's salve on the stitches and they healed up in record time. The stitches are supposed to stay in 10-14 days but they were ready to come out at 7 or 8 days so by the time 10 days came around, the nurse was amazed it had only been 10 days.
Works great on minor things too. When the kids get ouchies I use it on them. I've used it on sunburn, cat scratches, picked skeeter bites, and bleeding hangnails. I put it on their toes at birth where they got pricked for the blood test.

The other day I got burned. Severely burned. I was carrying a pot of greasy boiling water to the sink and it splashed on my belly, instantly boiling off some of the skin it touched and leaving the rest inflamed and blistered. I had dropped the pot in the sink and ripped my shirt off in seconds and when I looked down I saw shreds of skin hanging off where it had been boiled off, leaving just the few fragile base layers of skin raw and exposed. The area it covered was about 6"x4" and I immediately thought, "I need to go to the ER!" Which if you know me is VERY unlike me. I don't go to the doctor unless it's very very serious. Well it was late and the kids were in bed and I didn't want to drive somewhere with tired kids and a bag of frozen peas on my belly so I just treated it myself. I held a wet paper towel on it for about half an hour and then slathered it in Porter's Salve with a paper towel over that and held a bag of frozen peas on it for over an hour, after which I bandaged it up with gobs of salve and took tylenol. By 12 hours later, more than 50% of the burned area was barely tender and to the naked eye looked totally healthy and back to normal! All that remained were the blisters and skinless spots. The swelling was gone and the redness except in the stripe of most seriously burned area. Well today was day 3 and I have not gone to the doctor, only kept it bandaged with the salve. I left the blistered parts unbandaged for part of the daytoday for the first time to let them get some air, but the skinless parts I have kept bandaged the whole time to prevent infection. I change the bandages and apply more salve twice a day. It is looking wonderful! At first I thought I would have scars on half my belly, but now it is looking like the scarring will be very minimal, perhaps only the skinless spots. I am glad I did not go to the ER after all because of how amazingly well the salve is working.
So, what I'm trying to say here is that Porter's Salve is the best thing in the world for wounds. Everyone should have this in their medicine cabinet instead of Neosporin IMO! Lol!
The only downside is that you have to order it by mail from the company. You have to print out an order form and snail-mail it in! But trust me it is so worth it to have this stuff, even though you have to mail order it!

Click the pic to visit the Porter's Salve website for more information and ordering instructions:

*I do not advise not going to the doctor in the cases of serious injuries or illnesses. My decision and my family and friends' decisions to decline to make use of modern medicine and doctors are our own decisions and you should not blindly base your decisions on ours. You should do your research and make an educated choice for yourself.
**Disclaimer: All reviews on this site are my own opinion from my own personal experience. What works for me may not work for another and vice versa, and while I may have had a good/bad experience with a product, someone else may have the opposite result. Purchase and use any of my reviewed products at your own discretion. Responsibility for your use of any item and any consequences from use belongs solely to you.

Have YOU tried this product? What would you rate it?

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