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Thursday, October 1, 2009

PR Welcome!

PR Friendly! Etsy welcome! I will consider all proposals. Details below...

I love reviews and giveaways! Pitch me! I will do my best to give a thorough and fair review of your product. Reviews will be posted or linked on both my blogs- see below for what that means in detail. I reserve the right to turn down anything at any time for any reason. We have 4 kids from our 11 month old baby up to our 6 year old first-grader (we hope God blesses us with more children), 1 dog, 1 mommy and one daddy at your reviewing disposal. We ♥ natural stuff, attachment parenting stuff, made in USA stuff, WAHM stuff, organic stuff, time and money saving stuff, and cooking stuff. We have sensitive skin. We hold very conservative values. We homeschool. No conflicts of interest. Tell me what you need and I'll do my best to accommodate. Email me! :) mamamirage (at) yahoo (.) com I've later found a few missed pitches that my spam filter stole because the subjects were too vague or looked spammy I guess, so I think a more specific, friendly subject would be less likely to be flagged.

I would LOVE to review your product and/or host a giveaway sponsored by you! You may choose to have me do a review and giveaway OR just a review. I only write HONEST reviews of my personal opinion/experience and will not use anyone's words/opinion/salespitch/photos that I do not agree with in my review. I will only review products my family is actually interested in and can really use. I do not accept monetary compensation for writing reviews but I do require a free product to test and keep for reviewing purposes. Consumable products must be large enough for me to be able to do an accurate review on because I want to really try it out properly! :) The giveaway item/code must be shipped or emailed by your company directly to the prize winner. Please specify prior to the giveaway being published where you will ship to (US, Canada, etc)- i.e. what countries the giveaway will be open to. I require it to be open to at least the continental US. Please specify if it will be open to the entire US or just continental states, and which, if any, other countries it will be open to.

I will give the pros and cons in my reviews as I see them and I will be totally honest about my opinion of the product, good or bad. I may decline to review something if I think that I will be unable to complete my review properly by the deadline you need it done. This is because I want to give the necessary attention to reviewing YOUR product in the fairest possible way! I hate doing a halfhearted job so this is my way of saying that if I can't do it right I will have to regretably decline or take a rain check in trying to give your product the respect it deserves.

My review will include pictures from your company/website. My review will also if possible include a minimum of one photo of my family using your product. My review may also possibly include a video of us using or talking about your product. I can have my readers visit your website (or a vendor website of your choice for your product) as part of the entry process for giveaways. If your website carries products other than the one I am giving away, I may (at your request) award multiple bonus entries to entrants who make a purchase from your website during the giveaway. This will be possible only if there is a way to check each purchase claim with your company so that nobody cheats. If you want these options included, please bring them up with me before the giveaway begins so I can accommodate you. I will try to ask about these things but I'm human and forget things sometimes. ;) I advertise my giveaways on several other blogs' linkup lists to draw more traffic.

Daddy (early 30's) - outdoorsy guy, loves hunting, camping, rock crawling, and fixing things I break. ;)
Bug (4 1/2) - loves trains, cars, climbs or takes apart everything he can get his hands on.
Mommy (that's me- late 20's) - addicted to chocolate and office supplies, loves books, baby stuff, and anything that makes motherhood easier. I'm somewhat crunchy, don't wear makeup anymore and rarely pants.
Chicklet (6 1/2) - loves dolls, playing dress up, art, reading, writing, and anything to do with babies!
Weetsie (26 months) - loves dolls, playing dress up, coloring, and is my pickiest eater and my most active toddler!
Honeypie (11 months) - starting babyfood, learning to crawl, wears both cloth and disposeable diapers, breastfed, all smiles and sunshine!
We have one large mixed breed dog and do not currently have any other pets.
Any or all of these occupants are available to help test products.

I do not have any conflicting loyalties involving anything I could or would be reviewing that I can think of. If you still have questions about any loyalty to certain companies or fields then just ask.

If you are interested in having me write a review, and optionally also sponsoring a giveaway of your product, you can contact me at the email address mamamirage (at) yahoo (dot) com with the details of your proposal. I need to know what you'll be providing me with, if you're also sponsoring a giveaway and what product it will be if different than my review product, what countries the giveaway will be open to, and if there is a specific date you need the review and/or giveaway completed on or by. Please state any special requests or considerations. Don't forget to specify which countries this should be open to (which you will ship to). Please make sure to bring up any aspects or requirements that you have an opinion or specific need for. As previously stated I try to ask all these things but I'm a human with "mommy-brain" so sometimes I forget. ;) 

Unless you request otherwise, my giveaways will run 1-3 weeks from a Wednesday to a Wednesday. We can discuss this and decide together what's best, or I can make a judgement call myself if you have no preference. Winners will be chosen by random.org, or based on a requirement specified in the entry rules. Winners will have 1-2 days (as specified in individual entry rules) to contact me on completion of the giveaway and if they do not, they forfeit and a new winner will be chosen. If this doesn't work for you please bring it up- I can accommodate most requests!

Sponsored Reviews will be posted in full on my Review and Giveaway Blog, and either in full or abbreviated with a link on my Main Blog (my personal blog).
Sponsored Giveaways will be posted at the bottom of the coordinating review on my Review and Giveaway Blog, and I will mention and link to them from the review/link for the product on my Main Blog to draw traffic from my readership. Depending on the length of the giveaway, I will post reminders every so often on the main blog for those who are new or missed it before.
In addition to this, I advertise my giveaways frequently on at least half a dozen popular giveaway blogs and blogs that host a weekly/monthly/perpetual giveaway listing to draw in new traffic. I sometimes link to my main blog on facebook as well and also use word of mouth to spread the news regarding products I'm enthusiastic about.

My two blogs, my primary one http://everypreciousjoy.blogspot.com/ and my giveaway one http://mamamiragesreviews.blogspot.com/ are LINKED. Very much linked. The review blog is newer but I wanted a way to keep all my reviews and giveaways in one place without having them completely take over the front page of my main blog. So I have buttons on my main blog that link to posts on the review blog, and vice versa. So they are essentially two halves of the same whole. I'm working on getting page rank stats up for the review blog. You can view my main blog Page Rank and Sitemeter buttons by going there http://everypreciousjoy.blogspot.com/ and scrolling down to the bottom of the lefthand column. At the time I write this I'm page rank 1.

We ♥ natural stuff, attachment parenting stuff, made in USA stuff, WAHM stuff, organic stuff, time and money saving stuff, and cooking stuff. I am very interested in reviewing anything to do with babies, as we always seem to have one around here! ;) Baby carriers / slings / wraps, cloth diapers, babyfood / babyfood making supplies, pregnancy products and maternity clothing, wooden / natural toys, playmats, items that promote better baby sleep habits, books on large family parenting and homemaking... These are by far not my only interests- remember, I will read and consider all proposals before accepting or declining.
If your business benefits any charities I would like to know so that I have the option of mentioning them in my review. Many people will spend a little more to buy from a company that donates to something they believe in so if you do that then my mentioning it is good advertising for you.

Please feel free to send me an email with any questions or proposals. I look forward to getting to know you and reviewing something for you! I am happy to work with you on any specifications or details regarding a giveaway as well- please just let me know what you need and we'll work it out. Thank you for your interest! Have a wonderful day! :)

**This PR Policy has been updated 11/22/12**
I reserve the right to update and change my policies at any time. Policy that applies to each review/giveaway is the one in effect at the time I accept said review/giveaway proposal.

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