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Monday, February 1, 2010

Book Review: "This is Your Brain in Love" by Dr. Earl Henslin

Book Review:
"This is Your Brain in Love
New Scientific Breakthroughs for a More Passionate and Emotionally Healthy Marriage"
By Dr. Earl Henslin

I flip flopped back and forth while reading this book. First I thought,
"Well, yeah great intimacy is all well and good to talk about how we should have it, but are you gonna give any helpful info?"
Then I was thinking, "Uh oh, is he going to be shoving drugs down all our throats? Please tell me this book doesn't imply that most people need prescription drugs to have a happy marriage!"
THEN I was thinking, "Uh-oh, it looks like he's excusing people's bad behavior saying that if you've had a brain injury it's not your fault if you act like a total jerk!"
But, by the end, instead of reading with furrowed eyebrows, I was nodding with a smile! He wrapped up my wonderings, did not excuse people from taking responsibility for their actions, and provided ideas for diet and natural supplements to help balance the most important organ in your body- the brain.
I also wondered how a brain/intimacy book could be a Christian book. Usually scientific minded authors who claim Christianity seem to put God in as an afterthought. I appreciated that Dr. Henslin did not crowd God out with "science." I did not find the religious references to feel out of place or awkward.
This book does talk about intimate relations and is therefore not appropriate for all readers.
A surprisingly helpful and very informative book for married couples.
This book was reviewed for Thomas Nelson.
I review for BookSneeze

I was provided a free copy of the book for review purposes. I was not paid or told what to say. My opinion is my own and may not be the same as yours or the author's or publisher's.


www.nelliebugs.com said...

I just joined booksneeze.com and need to do my first review.. I'm wondering where do you post when it says to post on a "retail consumer website"? Like amazon?

*Mirage* said...

Yes! You can post it on Amazon, Borders, Barnes and Noble, any large chain bookseller that allows readers to submit reviews. I prefer Barnes and Noble personally for my Booksneeze reviews due to ease and speed. Hope this helped! :)

Henria said...

Sounds like a really interesting book. I guess a healthy brain translates into a healthy perspective and healthy behaviors. Certainly, both would contribute to harmonious relationships within and outside of marriage. Thanks for bringing this to the attention of your readers.

Alex said...

I may have to read this now. I recently ordered Intimate Issues: Conversations Woman to Woman 21 Questions Christian Women Ask About Sex. I may be going to a conference through our church about this book.

Cakeblast said...

I'm sure every married couple gets stuck in a rut sometimes when it comes to intimacy. It isn't something most of us talk about, but if healthier eating habits amongst other things can help, it certainly seems to be worth reading about. Thank you for the wonderful review and letting us know about this new book!

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