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Friday, January 4, 2013

Review: Airborne (& Free Samples)

Airborne NEW Hot Soothing Mix - Natural Honey Lemon Flavor
Airborne has something new! Now an Airborne drink mix that is designed to be used with hot water. Sometimes when you feel something germy coming on, your throat needs something hot and soothing. With Vitamin C, Zinc, and Echinacea, this stuff is a great boost for your immune system. I just had the opportunity to taste Airborne Natural Honey Lemon Hot Soothing Mix myself and it is yummy too. :) I have tried other hot vitamin drink mixes and not enjoyed them but this one is as good as it is good for you.

Airborne NEW Plus Energy - Natural Citrus
How do you add energy to the immune-boosting effects of Airborne? You add B vitamins of course! I gave this drink mix a try and while I can tell you I've never been crazy about orange flavored anything, I did actually feel perkier afterward. Hooray for B vitamins! ;) I hear it also comes in Berry flavor though so I guess I know which flavor I'll be looking for in the store.

Airborne Effervescent - Zesty Orange
Well I guess I expected it to fizz up like Alka Seltzer or something. It did start dissolving immediately but there wasn't really any fizzing going on. Again with the orange- I dislike orange flavor so you won't hear me singing the praises of the taste on this one either. I did feel a sore throat coming on the day I took this and woke up the next morning feeling better though. So despite the flavor not being my favorite, my immune system did seem to enjoy it. I actually shared half with my 6 year old who has been fighting a cold for a few days and she woke up feeling better as well. (She actually LIKED the flavor though.) Though for my fellow Orange-haters, it comes in Lemon Lime, Pink Grapefruit, and Very Berry too! I won't be buying this version as even if it weren't orange flavored, the flat-soda texture of it would be a turn-off.

Airborne Chewables - Berry Flavor
So thankful this sample isn't orange! Lol! Berry flavor sounds way tastier to my orange-hating tastebuds. Though it also comes in... (wait for it...) orange Citrus! For those of you who are not on the orange-hating bandwagon.
The final verdict? Yummy but a tad bit too sweet to feel like it was doing much for my immune system. I could just imagine the sugaryness (thinly disguised in the nutrition facts under other, more unpronounceable names) undoing all the good immune-boosting-ness of it. Though I don't suppose it's any less healthy than any other chewable vitamin, it's sure not as cheap. I don't think these will be hanging out on my grocery list, yummy as they are... sorry Airborne! The sugar is probably no worse in these than the other products but the fact that I can taste it so much in this one is actually a turn-off to me.

To get your own free samples of these Airborne products (while supplies last), head to their Facebook page, Like, and sign up.

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