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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Safety 1st potty

She started using the potty on Monday night, and by Sunday morning I wanted to throw this seat away! :( Why? Because the seat is a sponge. So guess what happens to the pee when she goes? That's right, it soaks into the sponge and WON'T COME OUT. I ring out the seat and wash the whole thing with antibacterial hand soap every single time she pees and yet the seat REEKS of urine. And her behind reeks of urine from sitting on it. Last night after her bath she sat on it but did not pee, and when she got up and I was dressing her I noticed she suddenly once again REEKED to high heaven of stale urine. JUST from sitting on that stinky seat, fresh out of a bath! Oh I am just so MAD, SAD, and feeling like I've been HAD! This thing costs nearly $20 (alot in this economy) and you get to use it for a whopping 5 days before the stench is so bad it could knock you over?!
Also, after just 3 days of use by one single child, my 3 year old daughter, there is a yellow stained ring around the inner seam of the seat.

There are way better options out there I'm sure. There's got to be. My advice is to forfeit the padded seat ones in favor of something that can be sanitized so it won't stink. They have to get used to a hard seat eventually right? Or else you'd never be able to take them anywhere with public restrooms.

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